The Herbert Sandleton




  • 25ml Bacardi rum
  • 8 mint leaves
  • ½ Lime, cut into pieces
  • 25ml Mrs Ball’s Peach Chutney syrup
  • Crushed ice
  • Soda


Mrs Ball’s Peach chutney syrup 250ml Mrs Ball’s Peach chutney 100ml Water 50ml Lemon juice Mix all the syrup ingredients together and bring to the boil in a sauce pan. Blend the contents until smooth and strain with a fine strainer. Allow this syrup to cool down and store in the fridge in a squeezy bottle. Cocktail To mix the cocktail, muddle the mint leaves and lime wedges in an empty chutney bottle or tall cocktail glass, then top it up with crushed ice. In a cocktail shaker, shake the Bacardi, Mrs Ball’s syrup and ice cubes. Strain the contents into the prepared chutney bottle and top it up with some soda water. Serve with a thick straw and a mint stalk as garnish.