Find your Mrs Ball’s Flavour

Find your Mrs Ball’s Flavour
Throwback to one of our highlights of 2016: the Find Your Flavour Profile competition! Do you remember which Mrs complemented your meals?
A classic chutney for a classic cook. Our tried and tested original blatjang has been around since 1914, and is a household name in South Africa’s culinary scene. Any chef worth their salt knows that Mrs Ball’s original chutney turns a simple meal into a feast. We recommend you add it to yet another traditional favourite: authentic mince vetkoek.
Twice as flavourful, and thrice as healthy! Mrs Ball’s lite chutney is the perfect kitchen accessory for any health-conscious cook. Add this delicious condiment to your very own homemade dish of biryani or bobotie. Bon appétit!
A sauce as versatile as the capable cook creating the imaginative meal! This new addition to our condiment-family can be added to anything – from umngqusho to morogo. Our sweet chili sauce is perfect for the chef with a creative touch and you’ll have oodles of fun creating a unique taste with this exceptional flavour.
Caramba! You have a taste for adventure and a zest for life. Just like our jalapeño chutney, you’re one mean, (not-so) green, fiery baking machine. Spice things up like the skilful señorita you are by adding jalapeño chutney to a dish of imithwane or Mala Mogudo. Yebo yes!
You’re truly a chef from Mzansi! Take two local favourites, mix them up, and you’re rewarded with a mouthwatering condiment which will be a total hit at your next braai. Stamp, stews, and curries are your forte, and you enjoy the simplicity of South African-dishes. Add our chakalaka chutney to meatballs, amasi, or pap !